Saturday, February 11, 2012

Can you Get A Medical Marijuana Card For Menstrual Cramps

Dysmennnorhea, otherwise recognized as “menstrual cramps” is often painful for the female race. It causes, in some cases, really painful cramps, nausea, bloating, headaches just to name a number of. For each and every woman who experiences this, it is actually unique. You'll be able to attempt OTC medications and prescriptions and several times those factors don’t work.

Marijuana has been recognized to treat the symptoms of this condition and for lots of ladies it functions really nicely. But there is certainly the problem with cannabis being illegal. Of those girls who know that this works miracles to take away the symptoms each and every month, most reside with out or take the risk of jail time for becoming in possession.

Some states have now legalized marijuana for medical purposes. Yet, several do not recognize Dysmennnorhea as becoming a thing that would fall below the laws to get a Medical Marijuana Card. Circumstances like Glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, serious nausea, and seizures are just to name a number of, are what fall beneath the category to get legal, medical use.

Colorado is one of the states exactly where cannabis is offered to girls who have Dysmennnorhea. Under the state law, a patient who has critical or debilitating medical circumstances like appetite loss, severe and chronic pain, severe nausea, and serious and persistent spasms qualifies for the card. Seeing menstrual signs and symptoms match pretty a handful of, a woman experiencing this can obtain the card. Michigan laws have the identical qualifications.

A doctor who has been instated to issue medical marijuana cards may be the only one particular who can prescribe the medical marijuana to patients. There must be strict legal written documentation from the medical doctor stating that the patient does, actually, have a list of specific, serious and debilitating signs and symptoms.

It in Colorado, you must be a legal resident of that state. Nonetheless, that's not the case in Michigan. This state permits patients from other states to acquire a card from their state. When you will be in a position to get a card, you'll be able to only possess one particular ounce of cannabis, no more than that, or it will be illegal for you.

Michigan’s laws are a bit much more lenient, as you do not must have specific medical circumstances to become qualified. If your doctor deems that a medication for your condition causes adverse unwanted effects, like muscle spasms or nausea, you would qualify cannabis as a treatment option.

So, if you are seeking to discover out if you’re a candidate for medical marijuana for your menstrual cramps, it's sensible to look up your state’s laws. In case you have signs and symptoms which might be serious, and chronic, you might find a qualified medical doctor who can help you in acquiring this kind of therapy. Make certain you acquire well-written documentation from the physician beforehand, and make certain that he specifies that your signs and symptoms are chronic and debilitating.

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  1. There is no hypocrisy in thinking that marijuana is useful as a medicine and should be available.